When he isn’t corrupting the minds of the youth, he enjoys his time with his beautiful wife and two sons in their home on Long Island. 

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Caste American $14.75 You’re Wanted Because the People Deserve Justice. Jimmy Larkin’s mouth dried, his armpits dampened, and a nervous twitch tremored through his body. The teacher’s reaction was…
5 Stars! Amazon Review
" I found this to be a well written fast paced and interesting read. The book uses subtle comedy to shine a light on big business and societies never ending effort to make a dollar at any cost. I was hooked by Chapter one. "
5 Stars! Amazon Review
" Excellent read! Fast paced novel that is actually tough to put down, and for once something with a good and intriguing ending! Nice read for vacation or anytime, great character build up and leaves you hoping for a film version! "
5 Stars! Amazon Review
" A fun, intelligent read! The Record Prophets is both a poignant commentary on the music industry today and a gripping, suspenseful story, all told through Seery's witty, humorous writing. I highly recommend this book. "